Thursday, 20 March 2014

East West Rail Videos

Just for interest, here are a few videos that show the East West route.  Some are older ones that show the route as it was and some are more recent.  None of them are my work so I am grateful to those who have made them available.

This is a very rare and interesting video that shows the Varsity line from Cambridge to Bedford just before closure.  It is possible to pick out some of the features in the Sandy Bedford section that can be seen in an earlier  post such as the station at Blunham and in Willington.  Also note the destination blind as the train leaves Cambridge.  
This one shows Sandy to Bedford as it is today. 

Now a collection of three videos that show the reinstated line over the Bletchley flyover.
First shows a cab ride from Fenny Stratford to the other side of the flyover to the end of the double track section.  Shortly after Fenny Stratford the train takes the chord which links the Varsity line to the link from the WCML up onto the flyover. It all seems to have modern signalling which indicates they were expecting more than an occasional use of the line.
Part two shows the return journey but this time taking the WCML link down towards Denbigh Junction.  Just before the point that the lines separate is reputed to be the location for the future Bletchley high level platforms.
Part three starts on the WCML south of Milton Keynes and then takes the flyover line at Denbigh Junction.  It continues to the end of the double track section , changes sides and continues to Fenny Stratford. I suspect that this was actually the first in the series.

This is a recent video of the now lifted line at Bicester town station showing an empty waste train returning from Calvert.

Finally a video that shows the line to Aylesbury from Claydon Junction to Grendon Underwood Junction.  Whilst not strictly East West, it will provide an important feeder service in the future.  As it starts the East West route can be seen on the right.  An interesting feature which can be seen at 1min 25 secs is the bridge on the right, a remnant of the former Great Central Railway which continued from here northwards across the East West line.  It then continues through the waste disposal site at Calvert to Grendon where the fast link between the GCR and the GCR alternative route via High Wycombe & Princes Risborough diverges.  It is only a stub now.

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