Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bicester Round Up 6th July 2015

After a few months when I wasn't able to visit the area, I finally had an opportunity to check on the latest developments in Bicester.  When I was last there, lorries were still dropping material on the new embankment. Now it looks as if  the construction and track laying phase has been completed and cabling and ducting work is underway.

 The first picture looks towards the new junction with the Chiltern mainline
 Moving to the left, two construction workers are returning to the work compound.  The dark line is ducting for cabling.  New fencing and tidying up of the site is evident.
 Moving further down the chord, more signalling cabinets can be seen.  Fencing work still ongoing at this point.
 This is more of an overall shot of the chord from the closed public footpath.  Gives a better idea of the gradient.
 Almost down to the level of the Varsity line, a pair of road rail machines are stationary on the chord.
The new footbridge can be partly seen on the left.
Here is a better look at it.  Not DDA compliant like the Tubbs Lane crossing which is much more complex.  Sadly not re-opened yet which would allow some better photo opportunities of the chord.
 Here a Chiltern service heads north past the road rail machines and the footbridge.
 At the end of Gavray Drive, I took a few shots of the junction.  Security fencing didn't help unfortunately.  Looking east.  Nearest line is one of the chord pair.  The other starts just to the left of the green cabinet.
 The green cabinet plus a grey one are recent additions.

 Looking west, more evidence of the cabling and ducting works.  House that were previously hidden behind trees now have new fencing.
 Looking down from Tubbs Lane footbridge, evidence of recent cable work at yet more cabinets.
 Looking towards the new junction and the Chiltern line bridge. Double track now extends under the bridge.  Will try to have a look at the other side from the  public footpath at some stage..
 Moving to the far side of the footbridge brings into shot the green cabinet and part of the other footbridge.
 Sadly as so often happens, graffiti has appeared in several places since my last visit.
 What was obviously temporary lighting has been replaced by permanent lighting with steel conduit.
 Looking towards London Road, the track looks pretty much the same as last time, but ducting and drainage work has been carried out on the left.
The temporary pump and pipework has gone and evidence of a new culvert can be seen adjacent to the bridge.  Next post will be on the progress of the new Bicester Town station.

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