Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bicester Pre-Opening Report Part Three Bicester Town/Village Station

Finally I went to have a look at Bicester Town station or Bicester Village as it will be known.  At first glance the station itself look reasonably complete whilst the approach road and car park still have a way to go.  However on closer inspection there is still quite a bit to finish on the station itself.   London Road level crossing was closed so getting to both sides of the site involved quite a diversion.
First the London Road level crossing.  A cement mixer is filling the rail mounted mixer. I didn't notice it at the time (or I might have availed myself of it!) but there is a notice on the bus stop saying that there is taxi to to take pedestrians to the other side of the crossing if you wait there.
 Improvements are being made to Station Approach widening the entrance.
The car park still full of construction materials 
 The station building seen from Station Approach.  The footbridge is now in place and associated staircases.  The car park to the right is not part of the station as I first thought but an extension of Bicester Village parking facilities.
The station seen from the south side of the line.  The vegetation disguises the fact that it is not finished.
 One of the platform shelters with the footbridge behind.  Reasonably complete here although the fencing behind the shelter is still to be installed.
 Looking the other way still quite a bit to do.  The electronic train information board has a sign with "car stop" on the end.  The preliminary route indicator has the the look of a cactus!
 This is the exit from the station building on to the platform.  Permanent fencing still to be installed.
 Same shot from a different angle courtesy of a fire escape.
Now looking towards the west end of the platform.  Lot of activity here.
 Zooming in reveals a lot more to be done here.  Could that building to the right of the picture be a dedicated entrance to Bicester Village?
 Here are the two preliminary route indicators seen behind the hoardings.  Going to be a while before the left hand feather on the nearest sign sees much use unless it is a waste train for Calvert perhaps

Finally a large concrete foundation has been poured inside the work site.  I am not sure what is for but for something not vital to the re-opening I am guessing.  Hats off to Buckingham Group if this all ready for the 26th October.  It looks like they are pulling out all the stops but there is still a lot to do.

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