Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bicester Pre-Opening Report Part Two Tubb's Crossing

After Gavray Drive, I moved round to Tubb's Crossing.  The reason for the carpenters' work was revealed as was the purpose of the rows of steel pipes seen previously.  I saw three road rail machines in action here.
Here is the first of the road railers loaded with reinforcing bar.  
 In this picture construction workers are removing the shuttering from some pretty substantial concrete blocks.
On the east side of the bridge. work is being carried out on the blocks.
A bit further on piles of shutter can be seen against the fence.  Not quite sure what all this work is for.  Maybe sound barrier work although they seem a bit too substantial for that.
Another machine arrives pulling a generator and cement mixer.
It then proceeds to pour its load into partly filled block.  I understand the yellow T sign indicates the end of a temporary speed restriction.  I am grateful to the person that pointed this out..
The first machine having unloaded the rebar returns to the compound.
Followed by another towing a flat bed wagon.
 Finally a shot towards Gavray junction from far side of the footbridge.  Notice the piles on the left which I guess will support more concrete blocks.

Part three Bicester Town/Village station to follow.

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  1. The 'T' sign is nothing to do with the concrete pouring but shows the end of a temporary speed restriction (TSR), there for 'normal' train movements.